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Wolf Atelier, Amsterdam

The Wolf Is Out!



Wolf Atelier is serving Marie-Stella-Maris water and we are proud of it! Not only because the food is amazing, it's a great location too! Have you already been there?

The highly motivated 31-year-old chef Michael Wolf (Oud Sluis***, Vila Joya** and Envy) officially opened last June Wolf Atelier together with Bert van der Leden, Chislaine Haagsma and Steven Pooters. The restaurant is situated in a large glass building that rests on a railway bridge dating from 1920, located right next to Central Station of Amsterdam.

"For a while Bert van der Leden (owner) and I have been looking for a location where we could create something unique together. Along with Steven, Chislaine and the team we try to make it real."

Chef Michael Wolf



What to expect at Wolf Atelier?

Every day Michael Wolf will keep challenging himself to create innovative dishes. And so he strives to provide all his guests with an optimal dining experience. Wolf Atelier is working towards perfection; but what is perfection? 'It depends on the person you're having dinner with and/or on what occasion you're having dinner.'  Michael tries to anticipate on the different needs from person to person so they can all experience their perfect evening.

"The restaurant has a tough and metropolitan atmosphere, the perfect setting to start looking for my perfection. Everything must be perfect. Not only the food, the wine, the ambiance, the music but also the service and the cocktails."

Chef Michael Wolf



Urban Garden

Wolf Studio is light and spacious. The monumental railway bridge has an industrial design and is equipped with 80 high glass windows. This allows the studio to offer a 360 degree view of Amsterdam. Due to the large amount of plants and earth tones it feels like an urban garden. The interior has a lot of green and bright colors like the attitude of Amsterdam itself, perky but with lots of charm and charisma. The open kitchen and the small chef's table ensure that Michael Wolf stays in direct contact with his guests.

"In the section 'Atelier' I experiment, innovate and test dishes. After feedback from my guests the best dishes will stay on the menu. These will be included in the 'Gallery'."

Chef Michael Wolf
The Menu: Atelier and Gallery

The menu contains two main sections. In the 'Gallery' you will find a selection of Michael Wolf's current signature dishes such as 'Lacquered pork belly with fried langoustines, carrot cream and a sauce of spices.' In the section 'Atelier' he experiments, innovates and tests dishes. After feedback from the guests the best dishes can stay on the menu. These will be included in the 'Gallery'.

"Even when it comes to choosing water we make no concessions and therefor choose Marie-Stella-Maris water. It is a really cool brand that fits really well with the concept of Wolf Atelier. The water has a refreshing bubble and a pretty unique look."

Chef Michael Wolf



"I can not judge whether I ask too much of myself and my team. The only thing that matters now, is that I've lived towards this since I was fifteen and I can't wait to make it happen!"

Chef Michael Wolf

Atelier Wolf
Westerdokplein 20

Opening Hours
Monday - Saturday
18:00 - 01:00 h

+31(0)20 344 6428