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Tiger Mama, Utrecht

Explore the different Asian spaces

Explore the different Asian spaces in the recently opened restaurant Tiger Mama on the Voorstraat in Utrecht. One of the owners of Tiger mama, Jorn Speijer, has visited Asia many times and these trips fueled his passion for the Asian cuisine. 

This modern Asian restaurant features 4 different spaces. Each space gives you a whole different experience. They have the Sushi Cellar wat reminds us of Tokyo, with its minimalistic approach. The luxurious Green Space where you can sit, enjoy the good food and watch people outside passing by.  The Urban Kitchen is next to the kitchen and with its bright neon lights a lot of things going on, it feels like you are 'in' the kitchen. Last but not least, they have a beautiful courtyard where it feels like you are on vacation. 

I would like to show my guests that Asian cuisine does not always has to be spicy, but it's about a perfect balance with a great variety of flavours and besides that it's very healthy!

Jorn Speijer
Tiger Mama's favourites

Tiger Mama offers guests an evening with 10 delicious small dishes, freshly prepared. The delicious Asian cocktails are also a favourite. If it's up to Jorn, his favourite dish called 'Har Kau', dim sum with shrimp and his favourite drink is the Dark 'n Stormy, consisting of dark rum with lime and angostura bitters. And did I mention;  Tiger Mama also imports a special beer from Singapore, called Tiger beer. Cheers!

Tiger Mama x Marie-Stella-Maris

Sushi with our natural mineral water, a healthy combi that's for sure. When we ask Jorn why he has chosen for Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water, it is quite clear that 'the combi of the good cause and appearance' have made him decide. We wish Jorn with Tiger Mama the best in the future and recommend everyone to visit Tiger Mama.

Tiger Mama, Utrecht

Voorstraat 80

3512 AT, Utrecht

Opening hours:

Monday: from 17.00h - 00.00h

Tuesday: from 17.00h - 00.00h

Wednesday: from 17.00h - 00.00h

Thursday: from 17.00h - 01.00h

Friday: from 17.00h - 01.00h

Saturday: from 17.00h - 01.00h

Sunday: from 17.00h - 00.00h