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The Gift of Giving

Research indicates: giving makes you happier

Last year Radboud Magazine published an article about being happy and becoming happy. Are we happy as a society? And if not, how do we become happy, or happier? Several studies show that doing something good for someone else makes you happier: ‘Offering help or giving something to someone else would have a strong effect on your own happiness’, says Ap Dijksterhuis, professor of Psychology.
'The most effective way to become happy is by trying to make others happy.'
Ap Dijksterhuis, professor of Psychology
The gift of giving
Be it a coincidence or not, this is precisely what Marie-Stella-Maris has attached great value to for years: for every product you buy from Marie-Stella-Maris we donate a fixed amount towards clean water projects worldwide. And even though this vision is always present, it becomes even more valuable during and around the Holiday Season; giving a Marie-Stella-Maris product as a gift is actually giving twice!
Gift sets 2019
Specially for the Holiday Season we introduce a new gift set with home perfumes which is available in two different scents: No.76 Courage des Bois and No.92 Objets d’Amsterdam. A perfect gift to receive or give. The sets contain three products; a scent diffuser (240 ml), a small scented candle (70 gr) and a travel room spray (50 ml).
Marie-Stella-Maris give away
And that is not all; from the thought that ‘giving makes happy’, we wanted to do a little extra in the month of December. Upon visiting our store on the Keizersgracht during this month (on a working day), and buying one of our beautiful products you become eligible to be chosen to receive an entire home fragrance gift set for free. However, this is not to keep for yourself, but to give to someone else. The gift is personalized with a card, to be written on the spot, after which we ensure the gift is sent by post to your mom, dad, sister, brother, friend, girlfriend, grandmother or granddad.
Happy Holidays!
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