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Care Summer Scents

Refresh yourself with No.74 Lemon Notes & No.76 Ménthe Végétale

We all recognize those moments when it's hot; bloody hot we mean. And the only thing you want to do is take a dive into the water or position yourself in front of an open refrigerator. Especially for these hot summer days we have the scents No. 74 Lemon Notes  and No.76 Menthe Végétale. Both scents will give you the refreshment you're looking for!

Start the day fresh with this sparkling citrus scent. With No. 74 Lemon Notes in the morning you'll have an energy boost that will last all day. 


The scent is based on lemongrass; a fast-growing tropical grass species from Asia. It's a special herb with medicinal properties. 


Lemongrass has a purifying and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. What makes the Body Scrub and Liquid Soap in this fragrance, very well suited for impurities around the cleavage and back. Also the lemongrass stimulates blood circulation, what makes you feel energetic. The release of the scent in the shower will clear your mind. 

> Available products in No. 74 Lemon Notes:
 Liquid Soap
 Hand Soap
• Body Scrub
• Body Oil
• Body Butter
• Body Lotion
• Body Lotion

"Are you that type of person longing for summer during winter? Simply use products of the No.74 Lemon Notes line during winter!"
Karima Abdellatif, Care Expert Marie-Stella-Maris


A powerful refreshing scent, that you might have to get used to - before liking it. This slightly sweet and minty fragrance gives you a boost to get going in times of a low battery.

The scent is on the basis of peppermint, which is one of the most popular herbs worldwide. Even though peppermint gets easily associated with candy, the herb has many health benefits.



No.76 Menthe Végétale has purifying properties for the skin. Peppermint has a cooling effect on the muscles, making this line good for use after extensive exercise to reduce muscle pain.

TIP: Getting a cold? Take a hot shower with the Liquid Soap No. 76 Menthe Végétale.

> Products available in No.76 Menthe Végétale
• No.76 Body Lotion
• No.76 Liquid Soap

"Liquid Soap Menthe Végétale is my alarm clock in a bottle!"
Karima Abdellatif, Care Expert Marie-Stella-Maris