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Shine shine baby!

Summer essentials for a healthy, beautiful and bronzed skin

The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and we can all wear our skirts and shorts again. Beautifully tanned legs and glowing bronzed face? Yes please! Just tell me, what I can do.

We asked Karima, our care expert and cosmetics lover to select a few summer essentials. Discover what you can do, and how her summer favorites can do their part.



"Use your scrub, preferably twice a week. To minimize the risk of irritation and sunburn, please exfoliate at least 24 hours before sun exposure. The cleaner your skin, the more beautiful your teint will be."

Karima Abdellatif, Care Expert Marie-Stella-Maris
Exfoliate Your Face

Use the ultimate detox product, Facial Scrub Poivre Noir Fraîcheto exfoliate your face. It's a natural facial scrub consisting of ingredients like sea salt, vitamin E, black pepper and geranium. Geranium detoxifies, it improves your skin texture and refines the pores. The black pepper stimulates blood circulation, which gives you that cute blush on the cheeks! Also exfoliating removes dead skin cells; your skin feels smooth and soft, moreover you'll bronze more evenly. Who wouldn't like that?

Exfoliate Your Body

For your body, Karima has selected a natural scrub. Body Scrub Lemon Notes; a scrub using sea salt, sweet almond oil and lemongrass. The purifying and anti-inflammatory properties of lemongrass make this scrub especially suitable for impurities around the neckline and back. The sweet almond oil leaves your skin intensively nourished, after exfoliating. Your skin feels smooth, soft and silky. The citrus scent is a perfect refreshment on a hot summer day.


"I love the sun, it makes me happy, and we really need it to get enough vitamin D. However, it also damages our skin and causes dehydration. Therefore it is absolutely important to always protect and moisturize your skin."

Karima Abdellatif, Care Expert Marie-Stella-Maris
Facial Hydration

Nowadays you just can’t do without the Facial Oil Poivre Noir Fraiche. And no, this oil is not too oily for summer! It is a dry oil that absorbes quickly. The jojoba oil has a healing property and Vitamin E protects the skin from external influences in a natural way. Apply the oil after you have cleansed your skin. 2 to 3 drops is already enough!

Tip: use the oil under your sunscreen or after-sun lotion for an extra hydration boost.

Body Hydration

For hydrating your body, you can use the Body Butter Lemon NotesA wonderful product based on shea butter, that intensely nourishes your skin and protects it against dehydration. A creamy texture that is rapidly absorbed, and therefore perfectly suited for the dry skin. Your skin will be smooth, soft and silky! The scent of citrus gives you an energy boost and refreshment on a hot summer day.

Enjoy your Summer!

"I never really take the time to go to a beautician, but I always use the Facial Scrub and Facial Oil together. It is the one and only beauty treatment, which I can recommend everyone!"
Karima Abdellatif, Care Expert Marie-Stella-Maris