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Luxurious Scented Candle
No.95 Stella Voyage

180 Grams

€ 39

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No.95 Stella Voyage

A luxurious scented candle, made of 100% natural wax. The scented candle has 40 burning hours and fills the room with a warm spicy aroma. Ideal to create a unique atmosphere at home; dark Autumn evenings become warm and cozy thanks to this new scented candle. No.95 Stella Voyage is a decadent creation of smoky oud wood laced with notes of the nest cognac and wisps of sweet aromatic tobacco. Spicy hints of saffron, black pepper and clove reveal an earthy base of patchouli, raw leather and amber resin.

To ensure optimal candle life and performance (40 hrs), allow the candle to burn for two hours upon first use; the top layer of wax should be totally liquid. By shortening the wick, the candle burns more slowly and you prevent black smoke covering the edges of your candle glass.

Top: Cognac, Bergamot
Heart: Tobacco, Saffron, Black Pepper, Clove 
Base: Smokey woods, Birch tar, Vetiver, Patchouli, leather, musk, amber, moss

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No.04 Joie Florale: Floral, Woody, luxurious
No.92 Objets d'Amsterdam: Iconic, Clean, Fresh
No.93 Édition Privée: Characteristic, Warm, Woody, Smoky
No.94 Cinéma Bleu: Elegant, Fruity, Spicy
No.95 Stella Voyage: Warm, Smoky, Leathery
No.96 Jardin Sauvage: Delicate, Fresh green, Floral 

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