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Scented candle No.04 Joie Florale

Cosy, warm, floral and woody

'It brings the botanical to life, blending the rich fragrances of the elements – from the forest and the garden.'

Paul Aguirre, Creative Director bloomon

A new scented journey

Experience the luxury of a full bloom at home. In collaboration with Bloomon we introduce you No.04 Joie Florale (not available anymore!), an exclusive, limited-run candle. Embrace a warm scent reminiscent of the sweetness of seasons changing and lingering blue nights.

It is a down-to-earth combination of earthy base notes accentuated by strong floral finishes. It is tailored to reflect the spirit, playfulness and passion of both brands with one goal: To start a journey into a new floral philosophy.

Care tips

To help you get the most out of this sensory experience, there are a few care tips to note. Upon first light, allow the candle to burn for at least 2 hours until the top layer of wax is totally liquid. No.04 Joie Florale will burn more slowly and brightly if you trim the wick to around 1cm before each use. Taking good care of the candle will help you further enjoy approximately 40 hours of burning time.

'Let No.04 Joie Florale burn for one hour, and your room will be filled with atmosphere and warmth.'

Janneke van Rooijen, Art Director Marie-Stella-Maris