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Scent Gallery

Flashback to the scent installations


'At Marie-Stella-Maris we believe people do not fit in boxes nor in consumer types.' 

Tanja Deurloo
Flashback to the scent installation of our new body care range

On Thursday 20th September the Scent Gallery took place. Here we introduced our enriched and improved body care range, with original and surprising scent installations. With each installation we wanted to create a moment, a total experience.

Together with scent expert Tanja Deurloo we enriched our body care range with four exclusive scents. With our new and extended scents you can enjoy four original and different dimensions. The scents are always consistent in authenticity, timelessness, quality and complexity.

No.74 Lemon Notes

Energetic, sunny, wake up call, refreshing kickstarter

The moment
The sound of the wind softly rustling through the trees, radiant morning light peeping through transparent curtains: a new day is eager to begin.

No. 73 Poivre Noir Frais

Original, elegant power boost, quirky, spicy

The moment

To be in a flow, a feeling where nothing can come between you and what you are doing. Time flies, but at the same time seems to last forever. 

No. 76 Courage des Bois

Warm, deep, feeling at home, timeless

The moment
The day is not over yet, the evening is waiting for you and holds a lot of promise. 

No. 92 Objets d'Amsterdam

Lively, freedom, no-nonsens, fresh

The moment

A trip through the maze of the capital city, on the backseat of a rattling Amsterdam bike. It's spring, the trees are green and the whirling blossom petals start forming a pink carpet on the pavement of the streets.