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Robbies, Den Bosch

A new and contemporary hotspot in the South of the Netherlands.



Looking for a new place in the South of the Netherlands? Visit Robbies in beautiful Den Bosch! Robbies is a special place where you can shop, relax, discover, work and taste, located in a former bank building in the chic Verwersstraat. You'll find a unique mix of products and brands in Coffee, Fashion, Lifestyle & Food.
"Robbies takes you into a world of discoveries." 
Nikkie Wolfs, owner Robbies
Nikkie Wolfs is Robbies
Nikkie Wolfs (33), owner of Robbies is a businesswoman in heart and soul. She has her own vision about how a store should look like. With the shopping concept of Merci (in Paris) as a source of inspiration, Nikkie her dream has finally come true! Robbies represents a set of characteristics that are allocated to Nikkie; rebellious, enterprising, special, inspiring, energetic and tough.
"Healthy Start Yogurt with homemade granola, a good start of my day!" 
Nikkie Wolfs, owner Robbies
Coffee, Lunch & Shopping
The almost 1000m2 huge former bank building has been transformed into a store with a full experience. Every day from 9:00 in the morning  (Sundays from 11:00) you can enjoy one of the many delicious coffees and every day you're more than welcome for a good lunch. For a good start of the day Nikkie recommends the Healthy Start Yogurt with homemade granola! The yogurt is creamy and full of flavour with the extra fresh fruit.

In the store a mix of chic, industrial and contemporary are key. For the best and unique pieces in the collection, Nikkie likes to travel to Paris, Spain, Munich and Amsterdam. These cities continue to inspire and surprise her. And for the fanatic shoppers; Robbies has a drop your shopping bag, what a relief!

"I'm addicted to the Marie-Stella-Maris Hand Cream, and the Room Sprays are really fantastic!"
Nikkie Wolfs, owner Robbies
Robbies x Marie-Stella-Maris
Nikkie discovered Marie-Stella-Maris in her search for a pure and honest brand. Quality has to be perfect, which she finds in both the care line as well as the mineral water, which is served in the restaurant.

Her personal favourite is the Hand Cream. But also the Room Sprays, that she uses in the store to create a beautiful scent experience.

"Honest and pure, without too much fuss, is exactly what I was looking for!" 
Nikkie Wolfs, owner Robbies
Are you around? Come by and visit this place!

Verwersstraat 33
Den Bosch
073 - 3032710

Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday 9.00 – 18.00
Sunday 11.00 - 18.00