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Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

A white facade, 3 floors, 14 windows, a balcony and an open door


Marie-Stella-Maris starts exploring Belgium via the magnificent Graanmarkt 13 in Antwerp. The concept exist of a restaurant, a shop, a gallery and an apartment, all under one roof. A place to enjoy design, fashion, art, culture and gastronomic delights. Tim and Ilse fell in love with the house and transformed it into a haven for those in search of special things with a soul. Everything on display has its own story. Come in and unwind!

“Our place is a very personal story. It is a house in Antwerp, a bit off beaten track and once you found it and pass the black door, you can discover our world. It’s a place where people should feel at ease and where you can enjoy a beautiful lifestyle.”

Ilse Cornelissens
How it started

Ilse Cornelissens of Tim van Geloven are the two people behind Graanmarkt 13. Ten years ago, when Ilse was studying in Paris for a year, Ilse and Tim already loved the concept of Colette. Also L’Inde Le Palais in Bologna is one of their old-time favorites. It is a very nice place with different things to discover in different rooms

After finishing their studies in Amsterdam, the couple started working on an idea for their own personal project where food, interior, fashion, art and so much more comes together in one place.

Finding the perfect spot in Amsterdam was the most difficult part and therefore they packed their bags and moved to Antwerp, Ilse’s native town.

“We found the perfect address on the Graanmarkt - at that time a forgotten square in Antwerp. The adventure started there!”

Ilse Cornelissens



Store / Restaurant / Gallery / Appartment

Graanmarkt 13 has so much to offer! Downstairs in the restaurant you can enjoy a lovely lunch or dinner, or drink a Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water. The restaurant is run by Seppe Nobels (best junior chef of Belgium 2005).

On the ground floor you'll find fashion with added value – well-known international names, but also work of great young talent. Women's fashion and accessories, perfumes and exclusive handmade design objects and recently also our natural care products.

Another floor up is the gallery located, an open space where exhibitions are organized or design talent is put in the spotlight. This place can also be rented for a private dinner - party or any other occasion, with catering Restaurant if you like.

On the upper floors you have the Graanmarkt 13 apartment, and just around the corner you will find Komedieplaats 5 a paradise for designer shoe lovers.

"My favourite Marie-Stella-Maris product is Facial oil - Poivre Noir Fraiche. I love to use oils instead of creams and the Poivre is my favourite Marie-Stella-Maris scent.”

Ilse Cornelissens

In addition to their own efforts, Graanmarkt 13 is the result of great teamwork, talented professionals who are responsible for the branding, art direction, gastronomy and architecture. Respectively Base Design, Bob Verhelst, Seppe Nobels and Vincent Van Duysen contributed to the project.

Like to know more about this concept? Read about the restaurant and the apartment below!

Seppe Nobels

The restaurant of Graanmarkt 13 is run by Seppe Nobels, who was awarded 'best junior chef of Belgium’ in 2005. This talented young cook learned his trade at Le Bistrot d'Eygalières in Provence, Osteria le Logge in Sienna and Villa Belrose in St Tropez. In 2014 Restaurant Graanmarkt 13 was awarded "Best vegetable restaurant 2015" from Flanders by Gault&Millau. 

"At the back of a building there’s an old ginkgo tree overlooking the rooftop garden and beehives, providing herbs and honey that chef Seppe Nobels uses in his dishes in the restaurant, which is located in the cellar.”

Tim van Geloven



City garden

In collaboration with Bart Belmans (Sanguisorba), Nobels changed all free space on the roof into a real city garden, just enough to grow spices to use in his dishes. And together with beekeeper Rik Janssens (Amielo) several hives were placed in the garden. Not only to pollinate the plants, but also for delicious honey that is also used in the dishes. Nobels loves teamwork and variation. So the menu for lunch (29 euros) changes daily and the menu for dinner (39 euros) chenges each week.

“Creating new dishes always starts with the choice of seasonal vegetables which you can share with the rest of the table. In my kitchen, sustainability is of great importance.”

Seppe Nobels, Chef Restaurant Graanmarkt 13

“Graanmarkt 13 goes back to the basics: an honest and healthy cuisine with highest quality local products.”

Seppe Nobels, Chef Restaurant Graanmarkt 13
A stylish home away for home

In the past years owners Tim Van Geloven and Ilse Cornelissens turned Graanmarkt 13 into a household name, but wisely kept one secret to themselves. The initial idea was also to include a bed & breakfast on the top floors. But plans changed when Tim & Ilse saw the plans developing and decided to turn all available space into one luxurious apartment. Described as ’their best kept secret’, the apartment is now available for rent. 

"Hospitality is at the core of Graanmarkt 13, with the apartment being ideal for families traveling with children. It’s our job to make sure everyone has a fantastic time and therefore we offer complimentary services."

Tim van Geloven







Appartment for rent

If you are looking for a luxury apartment located in an authentic Antwerp neighborhood. And, if you appreciate stylish comfort, space, privacy, first-class amenities and an individualized service, Tim & Ilse are more than happy to accommodate you.

The apartment at Graanmarkt 13 is for rent for a short and longer stay. It counts 280 m2, divided over two floors with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room with dining room, a fully equipped kitchen and a 60 m2 terrace overviewing the historic city centre.
Price: 1300,- euro per night.


Graanmarkt 13 
2000 Antwerpen

Opening hours:
10.30 - 18.30 
Monday - Saturday 
T.+32 (0)3 337 79 92 

Opening hours:

12.00 - 14.30 / 18.30 - 22.00
Tuesday - Saturday
T. +32 (0)3 337 79 91