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People Behind Marie: Karima

In the column 'People Behind Marie', we'll put the spotlight on one of Marie's team members. This month in the spotlight: Karima. Open and cheerful: that’s our Product Manager Care Karima. For almost five years, Karima has been occupied with the development of our care products. We asked Karima six questions to get to know her a little better.


Name: Karima Abdellatif
Age: 34 jaar
Place of birth: Amsterdam
City: Weesp
Background: Hairdressing, retail manager and House of Orange

Function: Product Manager Care

Favourite meal

"That's a tricky question! I love food very much, I also enjoy almost everything and always like to try something new. My boyfriend appreciates good and nice food as much as I do. Food is an important part of our relationship. I think my favourite cuisine is the Asian cuisine. I'm very excited about ramen. I make and cook them quite often myself. On the other hand, I'm as happy with a 'patatje oorlog' with onions every now and then."

 Food is an important important part of our relationship.
Favourite artist

"Let me think... Do I have one favourite? I don't really think so. I tend to go for different styles and I'm fond of a various artists. Nevertheless if I've to choose one, it will be Piet Parra. I love his quirky and crazy style. He uses a lot of bright colours. His artworks are a bit strange, but it makes me laugh though. An art piece made by him is definitely on my wishlist! Have you ever seen the 'Angsthaas' sculpture at the Flevopark?"



Favourite hotspot?

"In Amsterdam that's restaurant Bufette van Odette; located at the Prinsengracht; a great place to enjoy good food and a well deserved glass of wine. In Antwerp I also have a favourite hotspot, it's called the wine bar Bel. They serve tasty wines and the owner is so very friendly."

 I love his quirky and crazy style.
Favourite way to relax?

"Yeah, with good food! As you might have noticed before, I love to cook. So on my most perfect Sunday you'll first find me at the Oriental (Asian supermarket), and afterwords spending hours in in the kitchen, where I’ll be spending hours cooking a lovely meal for my boyfriend and me.

Favourite Marie-Stella-Maris product?

"The conditioner! I have very thick and curly hair. I use the conditioner as a 'leave-in' conditioner. And after this easy treatment, my curls are a lot less fluffy and my hair feels super soft."

Favourite scent

"That's definitely Courage des Bois! No.76 Courage des Bois is one of our new scents in our body care collection. It's a rich scent, which smells very luxurious. I'm a big fan of powerful woody scents."