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People Behind Marie: Bas

In the column ‘People Behind Marie’ we introduce you to the Marie-Stella-Maris team. Every month, we put the spotlight on one of our ‘Marietjes’ who – in his / her own way – contributes to our social mission ‘clean water for everyone, everywhere’.

This month in the spotlight: Bas. Creative, a free soul and a bit stubborn: that’s our Care Advisor Bas. For almost four years, Bas provides customers with extensive care advice and relaxing hand treatments in the Marie-Stella-Maris Amsterdam Store.

We asked Bas six questions to get to know him a little better.


Name: Bas Cornelis Aarts

Age: 28

Place of birth: Steinheim, Germany

City: Amsterdam

Study: Social work, AMFI (1 year) and make-up artist

Function: Care Advisor

Favourite meal?

‘’On my hangover day, I like to go to Van Dobben to eat a sandwich ‘halfom’ as well as a croquette sandwich. I can enjoy these ‘dishes’ enormously and the entourage also takes me back to the time when everything didn’t have to be ‘cool’ in every detail. You simply had a sandwich without the contemporary fuss around it. These were the days, right?’’

‘’I think food is very important. Amsterdam is culinary – there are too many nice places to mention. Mussels at the Seafood Bar, cheese fondue at Aquada, pizza from the Pizza Bakers, flammkuchen at Roest, surprise at Entrepot and an ice cream after at the Entrepotdok. Oh wait, and a soup as a starter at The Lebanese Sajeria.’’

Favourite artist?

''We have many good artists nowadays, each with his own talent and specialization. I can hardly choose one of them. What I really love is aesthetics in combination with macabre atmospheres and innovation. This is reflected in photography, painting, music, film, books and sculpture. I love it when I get surprised and see things I've never seen before. Think of Christiaan Zwanniken and artist duo Les Deux Garçons (for example: 'Les Rêveurs Gelés' from the series 'Le Moment Gelé' (2017) - see below), but also of romantic images such as Monet's, melancholic music like that of Tamino, the wink of Andy Warhol (like his painting 'Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands' (1985), belonging to the series 'Reigning Queens' - see below), the screaming of Herman Brood and Gustaaf Peek with his beautiful book Goddess, Hero.''

''I love it when I get surprised and see things I've never seen before.''

Favourite hotspot?

''Of course I keep my favourite spot for myself, but whenever I want to be amongst people I prefer to go to Pllek; they play the music that I love and the food is good. My best friend is working behind the bar and they serve ‘Limburg's’ beer. At night I like to go to Clubhouse de Beuling (we also call it 'the centre’). I go there regularly with my friends. I do not really go out in the city a lot. But whenever that happens it’s usually in De School. Festivals and home parties are more my thing and, luckily, that season starts again soon.''

''I prefer to drink coffee at a quiet place. That can be in the city on a quiet Saturday morning in front of the Marie-Stella-Maris Amsterdam Store or on the Czaar Peterstraat in front of my house and on my days off at Café de Sluyswachter. You may feel a little crammed inside, but it's perfect outside by the water."

Place to visit that is now at the top of your wish list?

''There are three places that I would like to visit, with Madagascar as number one. This is because the flora and fauna there is unique and there are many plant species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Plants are my passion - I live in a real jungle. A bit like Madagascar, but different. One thing is certain: I will very much feel at home there. Furthermore, Mexico and Mongolia are on the list too. So countries with an 'M'."

''Plants are my passion - I live in a real jungle. A bit like Madagascar, but different.''

Favourite way to relax?

''Withdraw myself in my room or in nature with good music, a good book, a good glass of wine or a beer, nice cheese and of course a cigarette and all of this at the same time. I would like to say that I do not need a lot to relax, but I know that Amsterdam swallows me and I really have to create moments for myself. I do not get enough of that, but as soon as I succeed I am completely calm.''

Favoruite Marie-Stella-Maris product?

''The Facial Cream: AMAZING! I cannot live without this product anymore. Not only does it hydrate my skin well – I also look better. I use this product every morning and look fresh all day. Plus, as a make-up artist I always use the Facial Cream as a base on the models’ skin before I start. It ensures a healthy appearance and is therefore highly recommended.''

''The Facial Cream ensures a healthy appearance and is therefore highly recommended.''