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How to use | Jojoba Oil

Treatment for troubled skin

Jojoba Oil

As never before we see as much oil products around as nowadays; oil is on trend. Why? They are lightweight, hydrating and some even have a healing effect: Jojoba oil that is.

Jojoba oil is a botanical extract of the Jojoba tree seeds (Simmondasia chinenis), a plant that comes from the North of Mexico and the South of the United States. Jojoba oil is known as the oil that most closely resembles human sebum, so the uses and benefits to skin and hair-care are high. Besides, scientific research shows that jojoba oil has anti-inflammatory effects. 


Thanks to its moisturizing effects jojoba oil is ideal to function as facial oil or body moisturizer. 


The oil offers an natural protection towards damaging UV exposure and sun (4 SPF). 

Reduces oily skin

It might sound odd, but oil is the perfect solution to an oily skin. Jojoba oil regulates the amount of sebum generated by the natural skin.

Treatment for troubled skin

Thanks to its healing characteristics issues like Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne are just a few of the skin problems jojoba oil seems to fight. 


Jojoba oil is a great option as a treatment for dry hair or an irritated scalp. The oily texture and moisturizing benefits contributes to the improvement of your hair and scalp status.

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