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NEW: Hand & Body Wash Refill

Why throw away things you still love?

Let's keep loving
"Why throw away things you still love?"

After your soap is finished, you're often left with an empty bottle that still looks perfectly fine. A shame to throw away, so we thought it was about time to think of a convenient reusing possibility. Today we proudly introduce you to our new Hand & Body Wash Refill and we've listed some of its key benefits...

Hand & Body Wash Refill Pouch

✓ Refill at home. We had the option to refill our soap bottles before, but only in our Amsterdam Store. The refill pouch is a more accessible alternative. With the Hand & Body Wash Refill you easily refill your soap bottles at home. It comes in a reclosable 600 ml pouch, so you can refill your 300 or 470 ml bottle multiple times.

✓ Save some money. With this purchase you're saving some money too. A new 300 ml bottle costs 22 euro's; with our refill pouch you pay only 7 euro's more for twice as much soap.

✓ Reduce waste. Refilling is better for the environment, refilling your bottle means less packaging material and therefore less waste.

Our Refill Pouch is available at selected retailers and online in all four body care scents. 

No.73 Poivre Noir Frais: Original, spicy & unisex

No.74 Lemon Notes: Energizing, refreshing & distinctive

No.76 Courage des Bois: Timeless, luxurious & classic

No.92 Objets d'Amsterdam: Iconic, clean & sparkling