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Scented Candle No. 94 Cinema Bleu

Elegant, fruity, woody and spicy

No.94 Cinema Bleu

Create a unique scent experience at home. With green, fruity, fig leaf top notes with citrus touch of grapefruit and spicy black pepper, slightly sweeter. Followed by a woody heart and base notes with vetiver sweetened with a hint of vanilla.

Inspiration and atmosphere
The olfactive inspiration for this scent was found in the images of the classic French cinema, the rhythm of its black and white montage, contrasted with the vibrant and monochrome Yves Klein Blue. It is a homage to the great French actors and actresses, like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and others. The scent, with notes of fig, has a very clear structure and is a pleasure for the senses.

How to use
To ensure optimal candle life and performance, allow the candle to burn for two hours upon first use; the top layer of wax should be liquid. By shortening the wick, the candle burns more slowly and prevents black smoke covering the edges of your candle glass.

Elegant - Fruity - Woody - Spicy  
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Illustration: Pien van Wijmen