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Scented Candle No. 93 Édition Privée

Characteristic, warm, woody and smoky

No. 93 Édition Privée

Sophisticated, smoky, woody, resinous fragrance backed up with soft sandalwood notes and creamy musks with a hint of powdery moss and earthy patchouli.

Inspiration and atmosphere
Éditions Privée is the first in our editions of scented candles, created to underline the very private atmosphere of ones house. It fills the room with a mild but spicy yet modern scent of firewood, and it evokes an ephemeral and discrete atmosphere that lets you float away in the nostalgia of your intimate world, far away from the hectic world of today. Simply a scent with a very personal and outspoken touch to diffuse.

How to use
To ensure optimal candle life and performance, allow the candle to burn for two hours upon first use; the top layer of wax should be liquid. By shortening the wick, the candle burns more slowly and prevents black smoke covering the edges of your candle glass.

Characteristic - Warm - Woody - Smoky

Illustration: Pien van Wijmen