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Mineral Water

Every bottle contributes to clean water projects worldwide

Mineral Water
The healthy and social thirst quencher.

We offer an assortment natural mineral water for the hospitality industry, at home or on the go. Marie-Stella-Maris water isn't just another healthy thirst quencher; it's a mineral water that also helps other people in the world get access to clean water. Learn more about our natural mineral water; about our philosophy, our assortiment and contact information.

Care for water
We believe everyone should have access to clean water, just like we have. So, for each bottle you buy, we donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide. For every bottle sold, we donate 5% of our turnover. 

Together we can make a difference!
We have been able to contribute over 1.400.000 euro (Jan 2021) to 13 clean drinking water projects we support and with this we provided over 45.000 people with access to clean drinking water.

Our assortment

The balanced composition of the minerals, in both the still and sparkling variant, makes our mineral water suitable with every tasteful meal or just as a refreshment at any time of the day.

• A carton water bottle  (0.5L)
• A lightweight PET bottle to-go (0.5L)
• A small glass bottle  (0.25L)
• A large classic glass bottle / table water (0.75L)

The PET bottle made of lightweight plastic of which 50% is recycled (rPET). Also, our  PET bottle is 100% recyclable.

Local water sources

Our brand name is separated from the names of the water sources we bottle from. This gives us the possibility to find local sources, when for example expanding overseas. We prefer to source our mineral water close to our distribution markets, so we can limit transportation distances and our impact on the environment. For the Western European market we bottle our natural mineral water in Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands.

Our water is bottled at:
• Werretaler in Löhne (PET)
• St. Nikolaus Quelle in Malborn (glass)

Where to buy

Our natural mineral water is available in the Netherlands at several small scale retailers. For water distribution in Belgium please contact Drinks52.

Small scale retailers

Our small scale retailer is Marqt and online via Crisp.

Local wholesalers
Our local wholesalers are Bier & Co, Boonekamp, Brinkman, De Klok Dranken, De Kweker, Bidfood, Dranken- en Horecagroothandel Harry de Louw, Fourcroy, Hanos, Havi, Heineken Groothandel, Henk Smit, Hocras, Lekkerland, Melger's Dranken, Moos Drankenhandel, Mulco, Scheerder, Sligro, Udea, Van Leersum, VHC Jongens, Zegro, Scholten Horecagroothandel.

Hospitality industry
You can find Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water at a variety of hospitality locations in and outside of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

You can find Marie-Stella-Maris mineral water at a variety of hospitality locations in  the Netherlands and Belgium. In hotels, restaurants, cafés, gyms and events.

Through time we meet many interesting people, get inspired by their stories, restaurants and cafés.

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Our mineral water in your restaurant?

Are you interested in serving or selling Marie-Stella-Maris natural mineral water? Feel welcome to ask about the brand, our philosophy and possibilities. Our account managers are happy to answer all your questions.


Sales Water - North Netherlands

Marije Schonewille
T: +31 (0)6 21 708 730

Sales Water - South Netherlands

Nikki van den Brink
T: +31 (0)6 38 881 993

Water Distributor - Belgium

T: +32 (0)477 933 447