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MILESTONE: 500.000 euro for clean drinking water

Thank you, together we can make a difference.

We are happy to announce that we (together with all our partners) have achieved the milestone of €500.000 for clean water projects!  (May 2017)


By selling natural mineral water and natural care products, we help people with clean drinking water since 2011. For each product sold, we donate a fixed amount towards sustainable clean drinking water projects in remote areas, like Tanzania and Uganda. So far we have already supported 9 projects, which provide over 18.000 people with clean drinking water.

€500.000 for clean drinking water is a fantastic milestone that we have achieved together! We hope that this year we can donate €100.000 more and find more partners who also want to contribute to this. Let's continue the growth and go for the million!

Carel Neuberg, CEO Marie-Stella-Maris

Thank you all for your support. CARE FOR WATER, because together we can make a difference!