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Pinkyrose X Marie-Stella-Maris

Natural handmade lemonades



Introducing our new friend
We would like to introduce you to our new friend Pinkyrose! Pinkyrose, the flamingo brand, is the first fresh handmade syrup in the world. And together we'll be visiting a number of festivals in the Netherlands this summer!

What We Love About Pinkyrose?

In Pinky’s kitchen you will not find any artificial substitutes like conservatives and preservatives. The syrups are handcrafted in small batches using only whole ingredients. The juice, the spices, the herbs and the secrets are all-natural and even squeezed by hand.

Why Pinkyrose Likes Us?

For a perfect serve Pinkyrose prefers Marie-Stella-Maris water. First of all because off the fine bubble and the soft water, but above all because off our social contribution.

"With a beautiful syrup comes a beautiful water. A nice bottle with a high quality water, but above all a water with a beautiful social story.  We're happy to associate with 'Drink Water Give Water' (who wouldn’t?!)."
Hugo van den Emster, Co-Founder PInkyrose
"We are the first fresh handmade syrup in the world."
The Flavours



With more than 20 years of gastronomic experience, the Pinkyrose-chef was able to create some distinctive flavours. At this moment Pinky offer three flavours as the perfect basis for a sparkling soda, lemonade or cocktail. A perfect refreshment for the Summer!

1. Straight Lemon

Straight Lemon tastes like taking a dip in fresh, flowing water on a hot summer day. A sweet and tart surprising syrup with lemon and lemon grass. 

2. Spiced Lemon & Rose

Spiced Lemon & Rose tastes like taking a stroll in a Thai rose garden. A fresh and spicy syrup with rose-petals, red pepper and Oriental spices. 

3. Floral Ginger & Orange

Floral Ginger & Orange tastes like your favourite summer festival. A wonderful sweet and floral syrup with orange, various types of ginger and lavender. 


Distinctive flavours ask for a distinctive packaging. The syrups are delivered in nice industrial oil tins with great labels, recognisable by the famous flamingo and the handwritten flavour-signature. Each tin of syrup (500ml) will yield approximately twelve big glasses of soda.

"If we say fresh, we mean fresh, so keep it cool"
See you at?

As a team we will be traveling through the Netherlands this summer. Where will we meet you?

Finley het Witte Huis, Loosdrechste plassen

8 July 2015, six weeks

North Sea Jazz festival, Rotterdam

10 - 12 July 2015

De Parade, 
Den Haag, Utrecht & Amsterdam
The Hague 3 - 12 July 2015
Utrecht 17 July - 2 August 2015
Amsterdam 7 August - 27 August 2015

Pop up store CS Rotterdam

June & July 2015