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NEW: Soft Touch packaging

Better for the environment, better for your wallet


This Fall, Marie-Stella-Maris introduces its bathroom essentials in plastic packaging, in addition to the regular collection of glass bottles. These “frosted soft touch” bottles offer a more manageable and safe alternative for people who prefer this in the bathroom.

By choosing HDPE plastic we offer safety without compromising on design. The look of the products remains characteristic to what Marie-Stella-Maris is known for: clean and stylish.Refills: better for the environment, better for your wallet.

Care for a refill?

The new HDPE bottles are 100% recyclable. To encourage you to re-use your Marie-Stella-Maris bottles, we now offer 20% discount on a refill! Just bring your empty bottle to our store and we will fill it for you with one of the selected products (Liquid Soap & Body Lotion No.72/No.73/No.74, Shampoo & Conditioner).