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Kimpton De Witt, Amsterdam

A modern approach to luxury with a dash of the unexpected, in the heart of Amsterdam.

Experience an immersive labyrinth of contemporary millwork, lush layers and clean lines. A journey where rooms open to grand inspiration and eclectic treasures. Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam's thriving City Centre, a hotel that inspires you to imagine, explore, create and find a comfortable place to relax.

The first European boutique hotel, Kimpton De Witt Hotel, exudes a modern approach to luxury through fresh, refined rooms and imaginative spaces steeped in inspired Dutch design. 

We are happy to introduce you to our new partner, Kimpton De Witt Hotel, where you can find our natural mineral water, care products and where we have a pop-up store! In this interview, De Witt Hotel tells us more about our collaboration and the hotel business.

Why should people choose for Kimpton de Witt, what makes your hotel unique?

Kimpton De Witt exudes a modern and accessible approach to luxury through personal service, fresh, refined rooms and imaginative spaces steeped in a bold and inspired Dutch design. The rooms include 9 spectacularly redesigned rooms housed in original 17th century buildings.

What is your favourite space in the hotel, and why?

We personally love our Inner Garden with the swings. It’s a perfect place to escape the urban buzz. It’s a verdant paradise of soothing trees, blooming botanicals and twinkling lights with an interior courtyard that opens to the sky.

Kimpton is mainly present in America, what made you decide to start a hotel in Amsterdam (the first one in Europe)?

When our founder Bill Kimpton opened his first hotel in San Francisco, it was the European boutique properties he’d seen in his travels as an investment banker that he took inspiration from. Thirty-five years later, we’re bringing Kimpton back to where it all began — Europe. Amsterdam isn’t afraid to think outside of the box, and neither is Kimpton. Not only do we both love to push the boundaries, but even more importantly, we share the same cultural values of diversity, inclusion and a deep appreciation of the unique.

What is the biggest change you see for the hospitality industry?

We believe the biggest change in the hospitality industry is that the industry is moving away from traditional categories. The categories we all know; 1 star to 5 star hotels. More and more hotels are moving towards a good descriptive title for their product and services so guests know what to expect. 

The trend we see is that hotels are placing emphasis on fine design touches and personal service. Also, the restaurants are breaking free from their ‘hotel-restaurant’ image. The restaurants located within hotels are more seen as hotspots nowadays.

Kimpton de Witt, Amsterdam
What made you decide to work with Marie-Stella-Maris?
As a company we’re thrilled to become part of the community and neighbourhood so we can also deliver the same experience inside the hotel. It is also a great way to support a brand with a “social mission” like Marie-Stella-Maris.
How can Marie-Stella-Maris fit the needs of your guests?
As a luxury boutique hotel, we’re always striving to provide our guests with exclusively top quality amenities, preferably local products and services. Marie-Stella-Maris fits this perfectly.
What made you decide to start a Marie-Stella-Maris Pop-Up Store?
The retail space is part of the hotel and we’re planning on changing the vendor every three months. We figured it was a great opportunity for both Marie-Stella-Maris and Kimpton De Witt, due to the large partnership, to start with Marie-Stella-Maris.

It is really important to us that we offer our guests the opportunity to ‘Live like a Local’ in the city they’re visiting. We love to familiarize them with local products.

Kimpton de Witt, Amsterdam