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Hotel Essentials

Care for Your Guests, Care for Water

Hotel Essentials

So Fresh and So Clean

Welcome to our Luxurious Hotel Essentials. Here you'll learn more about what we have to offer the hospitality industry; our product categories and our philosophy.

We Care for Water

Offering our mineral water and natural care products to guests in your hotel, means contributing to clean (drinking) water projects. For each product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount to realize sustainable water facilities worldwide. Together we can make a difference.

We Care for Your Guests
We heavily rely on natural ingredients; meaning all body and skin care products consist of 90-100% natural ingredients. Also, proper hydration is key to optimal health, natural mineral water is a healthy sugar-free drink to complementary offer your guests in the rooms.

Marie-Stella-Maris Luxurious Hotel Essentials

Body Care & Hair Care
Our body care essentials are the liquid soap (body wash) and body lotion, with corresponding dispensers. They are available in two exciting scents: No. 73 Poivre Noir Frais  (Black Pepper & Geranium) and No. 74 Lemon Notes (Lemongrass & Mint). 

For hair we have paraben- and silicones free shampoo and conditioner.

Home Fragrances
Create a unique and personal atmosphere with our luxurious room spraylinen water and the scented candles.

Mineral Water
Our healthy and social thirst quencher is available for your restaurant, bar and hotel room.

What our partners say
Vincent van Dijk, host of Prinsenhof Suite, trendwatcher and author of the book ‘Amsterdam Sleeps’. For a year he stayed in all 365 hotels in Amsterdam to experience real hospitality.
About Marie-Stella-Maris Hotel Essentials

"Both water and care products are the only visible amenities in a hotel room that almost every guest uses and with which you can show ánd experience the quality of your hotel. It contributes to a better guest experience, especially with a modern luxury brand like Marie-Stella-Maris that combines quality with design and a beautiful story. That's how we communicate the core values of Prinsenhof Suite."

"Marie-Stella-Maris is sustainable, natural and of high quality, thus accommodating perfectly to the predominant needs of hotels. Also, design becomes increasingly important; the interiors turn cleaner, which make details like a bottle of water on the bedside table and amenities in the bathroom exemplary hospitality assets."

A Selection of Marie-Stella-Maris Hotel Partners

Espléndido Mallorca
Es Traves no 5
Puerto De Sóller Islas Baleares, Spain

Weesperstraat 105
1018 VN Amsterdam

Urban Residences
Hennekijnstraat 104
3012 EB Rotterdam

Kimpton De Witt
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 5
1012 RC Amsterdam

Emmastraat 2
1211 NG Hilversum

Prinsengracht 315-331
1016 GZ Amsterdam

Our Hotel Essentials in your hotel?

Are you interested in Marie-Stella-Maris Hotel Essentials? Feel free to contact us and ask all about the brand, our philosophy and possibilities. Our account manager is happy to answer all your questions.


Mieke van Engelen

T: +31 (0) 6 52795857