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Holy Smoke, Rotterdam

The newest atmospheric grill food bar in Rotterdam

We're proud to present our new partner: Holy Smoke! Have you already been there by chance? This latest venue in Rotterdam has just opened its doors. And grills deliberately chosen quality products. Yes, we are fan!

Holy Smoke is founded by Cornel Wink (1981) and Ron Sterk (1967), both known for several hospitality businesses in Rotterdam. Holy Smoke is a tough restaurant! You can tell by the materials used in the interior and by the selection of the drinks and dishes on the menu. Meat and fish lovers can take their seat in the new atmospheric foodbar where tough materials such as steel, stone and marble stand out immediately. The restaurant focuses on conscious choices and quality products. Prime quality beef, chicken and seafood are served directly from the American grill "on the plate". We recommend to order a craft beer to make your experience complete! 

Holy Smoke is open from early morning till late in the evening and located in Rotterdams most upcoming neighbourhood: the Old West. The location, close to Central Station and the multicultural character of this area makes it one of the coolest areas in Rotterdam.

"One thing is key at Holy Smoke: the grill. All dishes come from the grill. Steak, Cote de Boeuf, but also the Pork Ribs, Grilled Poussin and Lobster - all the classics adorn the versatile menu."

Cornel Wink & Ron Sterk, Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke | The dishes

Holy Smoke is an open restaurant, where no distinction is made between lunch and dinner. From opening hours until late in the evening, you can order a Grilled Sirloin or Sandwich. But you are also welcome to take a sit at the bar for a delicious craft beer from the tap.

In addition to the meat and fish dishes, Holy Smoke also offers a special selection of vegetarian dishes - such as Grilled Tofu Thai. Really great!

But also for a good cup of coffee, a late lunch or early dinner don't hesitate stop by the nice building on the West Kruiskade. 

"I prefer a Flat Iron Steak with lobster from the grill. A Flat Iron Steak is a piece of meat that often disappears in a stew. However many people do not know that this remarkable tasty steak is also fantastic from the grill. Absolutely recommended!"

Ron Sterk, Holy Smoke

"In terms of look and feel Marie-Stella-Maris and Holy Smoke are a match. A quality appearance. And in addition we really like that by serving Marie we are able to contribute to the global water problems."

Ron Sterk, Holy Smoke
Deliberatley chosen and quality products

For quite a while the trend in 'specialty restaurants' has been going on, but these are often based on a specific product. You probably witnessed the rise of hamburger restaurants, beer and wine cafe's and coffee shops. But what we actually missed was having a high quality specialty restaurant with a wider range of products.

And that is exactly what Holy Smoke is focusing on; deliberately chosen and quality products. Here you can have a real good cup of coffee and have a great meal, because all our products are carefully selected. Just like the water we choose to serve - Marie-Stella-Maris natural mineral water; the bottle shows a certain quality and by serving this water we can also contribute towards clean drinking water projects. 

Moreover our beer assortment consists of extraordinary craft beers you won't find at many other places.

Will we see you soon?

Holy Smoke
Tiendplein 1
3014 BH Rotterdam

Reservations (from a min. of 8 persons)
010 737 1679

Opening Hours
Open every day from 11:00h