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Heerenhuisch, 's-Hertogenbosch

Coming together in an inspiring environment


Several years ago, Peter and his partner Lian fell in love with the old canal house on the Havensingel, in the heart of Den Bosch. The premise, which has a stunning view over the river Dommel with the old fortress wall which used to be part of the city border, was built in 1906 on a spot that used to be a nature reserve. When Peter and Lian bought the house in the start of 2017, it had not been properly maintained in over a decade. Now, having thoroughly renovated the house in over 1,5 years, the spot returns to exuding its original warmth.

Owner Peter Bertrams had a clear vision from day one: creating an inspiring environment that lends itself to photoshoots, meetings, catering and (smaller) events. And trust us, that is exactly what it has become.

''We succeeded in creating an environment that exudes luxury and warmth, but which at the same time leaves enough room to give it its own meaning. Whether this is to shoot visuals or to gain new insights or creative ideas.''
Peter Bertrams
Creative environment
As soon as you pull the door of the stately home on the Havensingel shut behind you, you enter an atmosphere of peace and serenity. High en-suite doors, stained glass windows and original ornaments in the staircases and the ceilings combined with the minimalisic interior: the ultimate balance between authenticity and modernity. In other words, a perfect location to create inspiring images. The high, but especially light rooms lend themselves perfectly to photoshoots, but are also available for meetings, brainstorm sessions, or trainings. 

‘'I dreamed of being able to combine my passion for interior design, photography, art and fashion on the one hand, and on the other my love for good food and organization of special moments. I can now say proudly that all these aspects have come together in a very natural way within Heerenhuisch.’'
Peter Bertrams
One can not only enjoy a peaceful atmosphere, but also regain new energy, both at the Heerenhuisch itself, aswell as on other locations. As caterer and event manager they provide a great array of culinary moments, with a lot of care. 

Havensingel 72
5211 TZ, 's-Hertogenbosch

I: @heerenhuisch
T: 06 29 32 54 00 

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