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Access to clean and safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere.


Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation 

"Access to clean and safe drinking water for everyone, everywhere."

The total contribution of all sold water and care products is calculated every month. This amount is then directly transferred to the the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation. It's the Foundation's mission to increase access to clean drinking water worldwide. The Foundation realizes this through financially supporting projects focussed on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH).

Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation has been able to support 13 projects, providing over 35.000 people with access to clean drinking water.

Madarbunia, Bangladesh 2014 © Ernst Coppejans

James, 16 years, Uganda 2014 © Linelle Deunk


Water Projects X Art Photography 

In 2014 we started collaborating with GUP Magazine, an active player in the eld of international (art-) photography, spreading its passion and inspiration for photography. We join forces with art photographers from GUP's network and facilitate them to shoot documentary and autonomous work, whilst visiting one of the clean drinking water projects supported by the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation.

We aim to raise awareness for the water projects by encouraging the artists to share their personal (visual) story and experiences. We've worked with several great photographers like Robin de Puy, Linelle DeunkErnst Coppejans and Natascha Libbert and Bastiaan Woudt.

Linelle's series was shown in the Kahmann Gallery, and Ernst Coppejans' work was shown in The Ravestijn Gallery. Moreover the images are for sale and part of the proceeds flow back into our Foundation to be able to support more water projects in the future.  

For more information please visit the foundation website:

Photo L: Bilibiza, Mozambique © Robin de Puy