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Fosbury & Sons, Antwerp

The office with a soul


Marie-Stella-Maris has teamed up with yet another amazing place, Fosbury & Sons! Fosbury & Sons is a real co-working place in WATT tower in Antwerp. It is a professional workplace where entrepreneurs, digital nomads and companies off all size come together.


The company name Fosbury & Sons is a tribute to mr. Dick Fosbury, who changed the world of high jump competition by leaping with his back towards his stick, and winning the Olympics. That is exactly what inspired to set a new bar for something as conventional as going to the office. Fosbury & Sons wants to demonstrate that working can be a positive and pleasant force in life.



"Workers are considerably rejecting the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as “the office.” Standardized for efficiency, this uniform approach limits the potential for inspiration, creativity and social connection with others. Instead, workers are seeking authenticity, self-expression, and the freedom to choose where and how they work.”

Fosbury and Sons

This inspiring co-working place takes 3000 m2 space on the first floor of the former Electrabel Tower. They have build beautiful spaces, supporting the business and image. Creating this professional work environment with the comfort, warmth, hospitality and homely feel of a refined boutique hotel, they serve the needs throughout the day. The interior is created by Going East, what is a mix of old and new design with pure materials, attention to detail and an ethnic touch to make it complete. No boring office out there, but an impressive lobby, large work tables, cozy seating areas, a library, lots of plants and beautiful art. A great match with Marie-Stella-Maris, and so our mineral water is served at the Coffeelabs and the Marie-Stella-Maris Body Lotion and Liquid Soap what you can find in the restrooms. Who doesn’t wants to work on this amazing place?


Fosbury and Sons brings joy and life to work and encourages cooperation beyond the boundaries of firms. Both freelancers, business nomads and employees of any size companies are allowed in. They are encouraged to work together and create a strong and valuable network. People need other people to connect, set up collaborations, find new clients, be more productive and enjoy work more than ever.

Fosbury & Sons

Mechelsesteenweg 271

Bus 1.1, 2018, Antwerp

Fosbury & Sons Opening hours:

Members have 24/7 access to the F&S floor

Coffeelabs opening hours:

Weekdays 8h - 17h