Customer service

We bottle our natural mineral water at sources that are as close to our customer base as possible, instead of using one central (fixed) source for all markets.  This way we can minimize transportation distances and limit our impact on the environment.

For the Benelux Marie-Stella-Maris natural mineral water in
- The Sifrès source in Hoensbroek, the Netherlands (PET) 
- The St. Nikolaus Quelle in Malborn, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany (glass).

Marie-Stella-Maris natural mineral water is only available in the Netherlands at a number of small scale retailers,

- Bilder & de Clerq

- Marqt

- Stach

And at a large number of local wholesalers:

- Deli XL

- Hanos

- Heineken Wholesaler

- Hocras

- De Kweker

- Mulco

- VHC Jongens

- Zegro

Our plastic bottles are made of lightweight PET that contains 50% re-cycled PET (rPET). They are 100% recyclable and BPA-free. Our glass variants are available in one-way bottles, which should be returned to glass containers.

No, deposits are not levied on any of our bottles. Therefore we kindly ask you when you are finished drinking our PET bottles, to please make sure to return them to the appropriate trash containers so they can be recycled. Glass bottles can be deposited in the appropriate glass containers for recycling.