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Marie-Stella-Maris means Stars of the Sea and are the baptismal names of the Founder Patrick Marie-Stella-Maris Munsters. 

‘Care for Water’ stems from our belief that we can take care of one another and our social purpose; improving access to clean drinking water worldwide.

The Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation is committed to structurally improving access to clean drinking water worldwide. We do this through supporting projects with a focus on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH). By carefully selecting our projects and then monitoring them during and after construction, we strive to make sure that every project we undertake remains a success for years to come. In this we work closely with our partner Aqua for All.

For our natural mineral water we calculate a contribution of 5 ct/L and for our care products a contribution of 5% of our turnover. 

Every month we calculate the total contribution of all our products sold and deposit the amount into the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation. The Foundation selects and finances clean drinking water projects. Read more about our Foundation here.

Marie-Stella-Maris is not a charity or a non-profit organization. We are a for-profit, cause-based business, committed to improving access to clean drinking water worldwide. We believe that success goes beyond just turning a profit. For each product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects.