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Ebruze x Marie-Stella-Maris

Limited edition bag for clean water

Exclusively for World Water Day 2017, Ebruze has designed a few limited edition water art print bags in collaboration with Marie-Stella-Maris. Every bag can be bought for an amount of own choice, which will be a 100% donation towards clean water projects, only available via the Marie-Stella-Maris Flagship Store. All the bags are handmade by Ebru herself; each bag has a unique water print and the bags are numbered.

About Ebruze

Ebruze is a fashion and lifestyle label by Ebru Durmaz (1983). Ebru has Turkish roots, but was born and raised in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. With Ebruze Ebru gives the traditional Turkish craft ‘ebru’ a modern twist. The artist / entrepreneur processes the ancient art form (where Ebru was named after) on silk scarves, cotton pillows, tiles and clothing. Ebruze was founded in 2009.

What is the ebru technique?

The art form ebru, in the West, also known as 'marble-ing', is a centuries-old craft that has traveled to the West via the Silk Route. It's a traditional technique in which you paint on water. The ebru technique is recognizable by its typical organic forms, mystical appearance and flowing patterns. Ebru artists drip paint into a water basin, the colors merge on the surface and with different techniques a painting is designed. 

I hope that I can reach a broader audience, and inspire people to learn about ebru art and see the beauty of the art form. The art form is too good to be forgotten!

Ebru Durmaz
Why did you choose to collaborate with Marie-Stella-Maris?

Marie-Stella Maris helps to provide access to safe and clean water for everyone and makes the world a bit better. I obviously support that cause. What Marie-Stella Maris and Ebruze have in common is our relationship with water: it is one of the most important subjects in both of our businesses. It's just a logical match to have an artist painting on water designing a print for Marie-Stella-Maris. For each ebru-art is a lot of water needed. With this partnership, I hope to raise awareness of the need and worth of for (clean) water, not only for ebru art, of course, but also in many countries worldwide. 

Water is life. Clean water is essential in my life and indispensable in my work. Without clean water, I can not practice this art form.

Ebru Durmaz

Can you tell us more about the limited edition bag?

The Limited Edition Bag is made entirely by hand, from mixing paint to sew the bag. Each bag is unique; each print is just different. The paint was specially mixed by me to get this particular blue color. We wanted to make a real water tint, what fits our companies and World Water Day. The bags are in a very limited edition available for an amount of your choice. Of this, 100 percent goes directly to the Foundation as currently helping more people access to clean drinking water.

Wat do you wish for the future?

My wish for the future is that we become aware on the importance of clean water and enough clean water  is accessible to everyone in the world. World peace, and a stop of the global warming would be great, of course. I wish everybody equal opportunities and that we can all do what we like to do. For me it's making ebru art, preferably for prints in fashion or interesting collaborations like with Marie-Stella Maris.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Ebruze is always open to cool new collaborations. I like to design the most beautiful prints for companies with a beautiful message; I'm looking for ways and to reinforce each other. Ultimately, I want everyone to know what ebru art is, and by working with others I can get there faster than just by myself.

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Instagram: @EbruzeHQ