You can purchase the Gift Card in our webshop or at our Archives store in Amsterdam.

Simply input your barcode (situated on the back of your Gift Card) when prompted at the checkout "Use your Gift Card".

The gift card barcode can you find on the reverse of the gift card.

When you have a rest amount on your Gift Card you can use your Gift Card multiple times. Say if you have a Gift Card of €20,- and your first purchase is €17,- you are left with an amount of €3,-. This amount you can still use upon your next purchase. When your amount is finished it can no longer be used at our online store or at our Archives store in Amsterdam.

No, this is unfortunately not possible. If you would like to purchase a new Gift Card you can buy it online or at our Archives store in Amsterdam.

If there is not a sufficient amount on your Gift Card, the rest amount of your order will be done through one of our payment methods supported by Adyen. Click here to see the other payment methods. The amount of the Gift Card will be deducted from your total amount to be paid.

It is always inconvenient when an error occurs during your payment procedure. You can contact us at customerservice@marie-stella-maris.com. We will make sure to support you as soon as possible to resolve the issue.