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Care Products

Every product you purchase, contributes to drinking water projects

Care Products
Why Water & Soap? (mineral water en care products)
Water, sanitation and hygiene are the basis elements behind Marie-Stella-Maris. To realize access to clean drinking water, it is of great importance to pay attention to sanitary services and hygiene. This direct link between clean drinking water and hygiene has inspired Marie-Stella-Maris to introduce natural care products (2014) in addition to their assortment in natural mineral water.

About our care products

In a variety of unique scents we offer natural care products, with hydrating, nourishing and restoring effects. Also we offer several home fragrances to create a unique scent experience at home. Such as our refreshing linen water and best-selling aromatic room spray.

Body care
Skin care
Hair care
Home fragrances


✓ Natural Ingredients

We strive to be as natural as possible; meaning that all care products consist of 90-100% natural ingredients. For everything nature cannot provide we find safe and responsible alternatives.

Our care products are manufactured in Sweden and made from various botanical organic ingredients like:

• Shea butter
• Cocoa butter
• Jojoba
• Sweet almond oil
• Coconut oil

✓ Paraben Free & Dermatologically Tested 

All products are dermatologically tested and free from: parabens, silicones, lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrance, synthetic colours, glycols, TEA, DEA, petro chemicals and are evidently free from animal testing.

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'Care for Water' - How your purchase, supports drinking water projects
1. You Buy & Contribute

For each Marie-Stella-Maris product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects. We donate 1 euro per care product sold. For every liter mineral water sold, we donate 5 cent.

2. We Calculate & Donate

Each month we carefully calculate the total contribution of all our sold products. This amount will be directly transferred to the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation.

3. Together We Can Make a Difference

Thanks to your contribution, together with those of others, we can make a difference. Together we've been able to support 9 projects and help more than 18.000 people with access to clean drinking water.