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Black Friday…

Why spill? REFILL!

What makes you happier? Five products for a rock-bottom price or one product that you can enjoy for a long time and contributes to helping other people? Soon it will be Black Friday again. A phenomenon that has flown in from America, where holiday shopping starts and orders are placed for the sharpest prices. But this discount feast also has its downside: people are buying more and more products and this has an enormous impact on overproduction and overconsumption... 

In light of our philosophy "Enjoy. Refill. Contribute.' We do not participate in Black Friday. Conscious consuming it is. We have a one-off Circular Offer to encourage and promote re-use and refill. This special offer runs from Sunday 22 November until Thursday 26 November.



On Black Friday itself we do not have any offers, but we will have a special refill promotion in our Flagship Store. On Friday 27 November you can come and refill your (half) empty bottle of soap for FREE in our shop in Amsterdam (Keizersgracht 35).

We hope to introduce more and more people to the refill options we offer, the convenience and the impact. Refilling means less packaging materials and therefore less waste! Moreover, refilling is cheaper than buying new packaging; better for the environment and your wallet!

"Enjoy. Refill. Contribute."