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Bistro Flores, Nijmegen

A true gem in Nijmegen since the late 50’s


A true gem in Nijmegen and a great place to have dinner and enjoy the relaxed vibe. Good quality and fresh products is what Flores stands for. Their amazing kitchen lets guests enjoy incredible seasonale vegetables and fresh products from several regions, inspired by the authenthic European kitchen.

Start your evening outside next to the fireplace or sit down on the covered patio to be surprised by the menu on the wall, which will be kept up-to-date during the night. Besides great food, Bistro Flores also has an amazing collection of pure wines from all around Europe, so definitely get some advise to find out which one will go perfectly along with your dinner. Also don’t forget to order a bottle of Marie while you’re at it!

Photography by Mathijs Hanenkamp

Bistro Flores

Kelfkensbos 43

6511 TB Nijmegen

024 322 1037

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30

Sunday and Monday closed