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About us


About us
Our mission

We believe everyone in the world should have access to a source of clean water and hygiene. Water is essential to all life; the United Nations even declared 
access to clean water to be a basic human right. And that's why - for every product you purchase, we donate a fixed amount to support clean water projects worldwide. From all products sold, we donate 5% of our turnover. 

"Clean water and hygiene for all.."

Ever since our introduction in 2011, we have been able to donate over €1.400.000 contributing to several projects providing over 45.000 people with access to clean water. You can find more information about all projects we have supported on our foundation website. And if you would like to read more about why we are dedicated to increasing access to clean water and hygiene, click here.

Product philosophy

We offer premium essentials designed to take care of yourself, and others. With our mineral water or refillable water bottle you can keep your body well hydrated from the inside. Our natural care products cleanse, hydrate and protect the skin from the outside. And since scent can elevate your mood (and therefore contribute to your well being), we added a modest range of home fragrances to fit our offering.

Premium essentials designed to take care of yourself, and others.

Visual arts and aesthetically pleasing experiences bring us pleasure and made it important in everything we do; from product design to the interior of our flagship store to the layout of this web page – aesthetics count. And as you’ve probably read already; with every product you purchase, you indirectly contribute to clean water projects worldwide – and doing good, does you good!


Enjoy. Refill. Contribute.

Next to our positive social impact on water and hygiene, we have an impact on the environment. We are aware of this and have taken several steps to reduce it (by developing refill solutions, sourcing more locally e.g.), but we are not there yet. We continue to improve ourselves on sustainability and share our developments and challenges with you on our blog. 

For now, let’s join forces to reduce our waste by reusing and refilling (y)our products as much as possible, and by recycling your empty bottles by throwing them away in the corresponding waste bins.

If you have any good ideas or feedback for us, we would love to hear from you via Together we can make a difference!